Welcome to De Buf.

De Buf specialises in the truck body building and developed its own concrete mixer, which is made entirely in-house. Over the past thirty years we have built up a strong international reputation, which we owe to our robust build quality and efficient maintenance and repair service.

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Frits De Buf starts building and repairing truck cranes at 180 Brugsestraat 180 in Oostkamp.


De Buf, which in the meantime has been producing its own concrete mixers in addition to building hydraulic superstructures, and has grown strongly, moves to a new workshop at Brugsestraat 192.


In order to continue to guarantee our high quality standards and to be able to scale up our production, De Buf expands, moving into a new production hall for concrete mixers at Brugsestraat 194.


De Buf continues to grow, investing in an additional extension of the production hall for the concrete mixers, new body-building infrastructure and a new hall for final assembly.


Sons Dimitri and Diederick De Buf join the family business.


In order to highlight its ambitions for the future, De Buf launches a new brand identity.


De Buf is the exclusive distributor of Sermac concrete pumps in the Benelux, going even further to provide support for major concrete works.

Drive a true De Buf.

Behind our passion for mechanics lies decades of experience, tradition and innovation. In addition to building trucks, we focus on the development and in-house production of our own concrete mixer: one that meets the high quality requirements of a De Buf; one that De Buf can deliver to its customer with complete confidence. In short, a true De Buf.

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Want to become a true De Buf too?

Are you driven by mechanics and willing to go the extra mile for our customers? Then you have the perfect mix to become a true De Buf.

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