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16 August 2022

A mix of experience, tradition and innovation: meet De Buf 2.0

Since 1988, we have been living our passion for mechanics by constructing our own concrete mixers and in the hydraulic truck body building. To reinforce and future-proof our ambitions, re-branding was in order. Meet De Buf 2.0!

De Buf, built to work.

Our new logo expresses everything we stand for: a solid family business, known for its robust build quality. Solid in everything we make and do. Built to work. Nothing more, nothing less.

In our new house style we are putting an emphasis on our plans for the future: grateful for the solid foundations laid by our founder Frits De Buf, and now with the second generation ambitiously building towards tomorrow. Towards a future in which De Buf, based on its outstanding service and powerful know-how is the reference for cranes and concrete mixers.

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De Buf, where service and collaboration are paramount.

Our re-branding also foregrounds our most important values. A true De Buf is

  • proud of their product,
  • knows what he or she is talking about,
  • goes the extra mile for their customer and
  • assists every driver or transport company.

Working with or choosing De Buf makes you a true De Buf.

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Get in the mix.

Want to become a true De Buf too? We are always looking for new colleagues or solutions to assist you with your concrete mixer or your truck body building needs. Contact us and a member of our sales team will be glad to assist you.

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