De Buf. The reference for concrete mixers and cranes, and the go-to for rapid service and repairs.

Debuf betonmixer elektrisch 2

Be part of the change and mix electrically.

The Battery Mixer is our first semitrailer that is powered by a combination of batteries and electrical motors. This revolutionary concrete mixer not only has a positive effect on CO2 emissions, but also on noise pollution at concrete plants and construction sites.

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Smooth service. Rapid repairs.

We have a large inventory of spare parts and have breakdown vehicles available for flexible and fast service. We can assist any driver or transport company, whether they drive a De Buf or not.

The solid story of De Buf.

De Buf began constructing trucks in 1988 and later expanded with the unique development and in-house production of its own concrete mixer, a true De Buf. Founded on a mix of experience, tradition and innovation, the second generation is now ambitiously continuing to build on the family business, with a particular focus on outstanding service and powerful know-how.

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Discover our stock range.

At De Buf, we always have a large offer of stock vehicles, both new and second-hand. In urgent need of a vehicle? We'll help you instantly!

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